TRUST - We Create Love affairs between people and brands


we are, we do

We are a creative brand, design &
digital agency.
We create love affairs between consumers
and brands.

when we are useful?

Whenever you want to increase your sales, launch a
successful campaign, create a new flourishing concept
or remarkably increase the value of your brand.

got talent? good, call us.

We are always interested to hear about talented designers,
storytellers, architects, art directors and creative account
people. In case you feel talented, please contact our CEO
Harri Helén or CD Jaani Vaahtera.

our services

  • Brand strategies
  • Brand experiences
  • Brand concepts
  • Concept design
  • Industrial design
  • Interior design
  • Graphic & visual design
  • Digital design
  • Packaging design
  • Creative advertising
  • Communication acts
  • Event & fair design
  • Excellent executions

want to talk business?

CEO Harri Helén +358 (0)40 774 2000
Account director Mervi Salmela +358 (0)40 774 6740
Account director Petra Koivusilta +358 (0)40 680 5500
Strategic director Pekka Rintamäki +358 (0)50 1238



want to talk creatively?

Creative director Jaani Vaahtera +358 (0)40 543 2166

Visit us or send us a Postcard

Trust Creative Society Oy,
Finlaysoninkuja 25, 4th floor,
P.O. Box 11, 33211 Tampere
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our creative family

Creative Pekka Rintamäki
Creative Jaani Vaahtera
Creative Mari Ahokas
Creative Jacqueline Früh
Creative Marjut Kuula
Creative Pekka Nurmi
Creative Kaisa Avonius
Creative Tobias Früh


you'll find us also from these fine books

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